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 Rough sketch by City of New Orleans Surveyors office. Shows areas of Greenville, Friburg, Foucher Plantation (Audubon Park) and Burtheville. Shows original land grants and history dating to about 1789.



Sketch of Greenville and Friburg that was attached to an act of sale between L F Foucher and J Olgivie in Feb 1836.





 Provides a guide to measurements and dimensions used in old surveys of New Orleans area.



Copy of original Survey of Faubourg Greenville by B. Buisson in 1836. Divided into 4 separate files.

Note area of Squares 17 and 22. Current streets Broadway, Camp and Magazine were originally known as South Market, Market and Foucher, respectively. 


Waddill Survey of several squares in Greenville near the River in Sept 1920. This survey references the 1836 Buisson survey noted above. Note changes in shoreline between 1836, 1845 and 1920. The levee noted as "present levee" is in the same position as the current levee (2009).



Robinson Atlas Plate 26 of the City of New Orleans. Dated 1883 this plate shows lots, buildings and geographical landmarks in the Greenville area. The color pink represents brick buildings and yellow represents wooden structures.




Portion of Sanborn Map of Square 22 Greenville (Sanborn Map Vol 6, 1909, Sheet 580). Note the location of the Audubon School at approximately 244 Audubon Street (Photo). The school was demolished approximately 1920. Two, two story duplexes facing Audubon Street (246, 248, 252, 254) and three single story duplexes facing Broadway (157, 159, 161, 163, 165, 167) were built on the site of the old school.

Also note the houses located at 236 and 240 Audbuon. These houses were moved to locations facing Camp (formerly Meadow and Market) Street at 7131 and 7115 prior to 1913. It is unknown which of the houses was moved to which location. The present two story house at 240 Audubon was constructed about 1913.



 Portion of Sanborn Map of Square 17 Greenville (Sanborn Map Vol 6, 1909, Sheet 580). Note that the Square is mislabeled as 19 in the map. The building at 139 Broadway was constructed in 1912.










Sanborn Map of Squares 22 and 17 (Vol. 6, 1909 sheet 580 updated in October, 1933). Note Square 17 is mislabeled as Square 19.
















Audubon School ca1910. 200 Block of Audubon Street. Building demolished approximately 1920.

Photo courtesy of Historic New Orleans Collection. Originally published in the New Orleans Daily Picayune. Note the porch and railing of the house at 240 Audubon at the extreme left of the photo.